The historic property of our Albrecht-Dürer Stube is one of the most remarkable half-timbered houses in Nuremberg. The over 25m high, four-story corner house with exposed half-timbering was built in the 15th century. The oldest preserved building element, a wooden support column, dates back to 1559. As early as 1811, the building was demonstrably used as a wine tavern and was later purchased by Josef Höllerzeder Sr. Since 1951 there is the family business Höllerzeder, which was continued by son Pepi and now since 2003 by Michael and Pia Höllerzeder in 3rd generation successfully. The history and decades of experience of our business ensures a unique ambience.

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Even Dürer dines here

Rent Albrecht Dürer
Tommy Egger conjures up for you the fascination Dürer in modern times.
Exciting and entertaining moments with stories and rumors from the time of Albrecht Dürer.

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